On August 18, 2022 the following Special Resolution 20220818 was approved by the membership.

Special resolution to change board member roles and to add two new board members in the Northern Area

WHEREAS the current Vice President and current Acting President, Paul Gabrielson, has resigned from the board leaving the board with two empty seats and with a greater imbalance of northern board members to southern board members

And that bylaw 4.7 states that “Should a Board member resign during the course of his term the board may fill the position via special resolution until the end of the term”

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the board of the Fellowship of Alberta Bears be altered such that

  • Member at Large,  James Bellamy, be elected President
  • Society Treasurer, Tyler Smith, be elected Vice President
  • Vice Treasurer, Josh Bellamy, be elected Society Treasurer
  • Member at Large, Ben Wagner, be elected Vice Treasurer
  • Mark MacInytre be elected Membear at Large (Edmonton)
  • Cory Friesen be elected Membear at Large (Edmonton)